Rory St John, one of the emerging talents from Dublin's budding electronic music scene, is the maker of future influenced dancefloor and non-dancefloor music alike. Heavily influenced by the purity of the techno sound, his previous releases have been along the same vein.

From the early days of hardcore and hard dance, Rory's interest was always focused on producing music. Equipped with an early edition of Cool-Edit and Evolution at the age of 16, his early productions ranged from hardcore techno to more melodic based tracks.

After taking a break from production while completing his commitments in university, Rory's debut was on Eire Electronic's VA compilation, alongside his influential techno compadre's Sunil Sharpe and Fran Hartnett. Some years down the line, Rory, was adopted by Mantrap records for his debut 12", Ear Cycle EP, which was a sellout release. Mantrap records significance to the Irish and international scene was to expand as it provided platform for an abundance of emerging artists.

Rory returned to college to complete his postgrad in Music & Media Technologies where, over the 2 year period, built a real-time audio and visual manipulation environment, a facet which still stands to him in his current productions.

Progressing from a vinyl only DJ, to hardware only liveset, Rory now incorporates hardware and software in the studio and live, to achieve his idea of the techno sound. Often funky, usually deep, always influenced by what the sounds of the future might be, his livesets have made their way across Europe from the former U-Club Bratislava, to Berlin, and back to Ireland.

Now residing in Berlin, De, Rory is focused on installing a new studio and continuing to develop his sound and skillset, in both music production, and in freelance graphic design. Rory's latest releases on Limetree Records, and Teskoba Records have received genuine appraisal from some of the leading names in the techno scene, and forthcoming releases on Singularity Records (Uk) and Unknown Forces (Uk/De) are sure to do the same.

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